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Have it all, but no messy cables or heavy batteries!

We continue to hear that the biggest single complaint from riders about other brands of lighting systems are the problems associated with the external battery and the cable. Batteries are tricky to mount securely and cables have routing and connection problems.

With an incredibly lightweight and compact package, it's almost too good to be true and you'll ask yourself why you ever messed around with cables and connectors before!

Offroad, Commuting , Training, Racing and Multisport, Exposure Lights are the most flexible lighting systems available ? being cable free, you'll be amazed at home many uses beyond cycling you will find for them.

It's really easy to choose your system based on the brightness requirements (measured in Lumens).

Ready to purchase your lights? Visit our retailer listings or shop online.

Exposure Lights Flash
Exposure Lights Spark
Exposure Lights Joystick
Exposure Lights Strada
Exposure Lights Diablo
Exposure Lights Toro
Maxx D
Exposure Lights MaXx D
Six Pack
Exposure Lights Six Pack
Rear Lights
Exposure Lights Flare


Exposure Lights MaXx D




No Cables, No Compromises!

Starting 6 years ago Exposure Lights pioneered the use of high powered LEDs, but with the major difference, that to fully realize the benefits of LED technology (energy efficiency, low temperature etc) the light should be a fully integrated, cable-free system. 6years of development gives cyclists the only no compromise lighting system.

To back this, we are proud to offer you the following protection:

  • 2 Year full warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on LEDs
  • Lifetime technical support:
  • Prompt and knowledgeable support by dedicated cyclists who regularly use the products they sell.

Still got questions? Please email or call us.

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