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Bikes Belong Coalition

IMBA (Int'l Mountain Bike Association)

NEMBA (N. England MTB Association) on the Joystick MaXx Jan '08
"We first saw the Joystick last winter, and were impressed with how light weight it was...The Joystick MaXx, is everything the old light was, and more...The new light is smaller. It's brighter. The battery lasts longer, and has an optional external pack to increase the run time further. "I like the helmet mount. It's the same as before, but it's still just as novel." The light pops on with ease, adjusts with ease, and stays where it's put...It's very, very lightweight...The button has been repositioned to the back of the light, next to the charging port, making it easier to find and operate with gloved hands...One nice touch Exposure thought of, the rim around the back of the light is cut away next to the button. This does two things; first, it makes access to the button easier for a gloved thumb or finger, and second, it makes finding the switch easier as well. "Frankly the new -- aptly named -- Joystick is a joy to use.” on the Race MaXx Jan ‘08
“The Race MaXx is the successor to last years Race and Enduro models…Unlike last years lights, this version is brighter, lighter, has a better handlebar mount -- much better...before attaching and removing the light required the use of a hex wrench, now, once the mount is attached, a simple tug on the quick release and the light is off. Not only is it dead simple, it is solid. There is no way the light is falling off during use…It also has a better switch…Now the switch, located dead center on the back of the light, is easy find and fairly easy to press...Like the Joystick MaXx, the Race MaXx has an optional external battery if the three hours on high proves insufficient... if you want something lighter, sleeker, with a fantastic mount, then the Race MaXx is your light.” on the Enduro MaXx Jan ‘08
”Last round of reviews, the Enduro was a two LED light with a bigger battery and slightly different lens configuration than the Race. That's changed now, with the addition of the third LED. Now the Enduro MaXx is in a whole new category and the only self contained light with this many emitters. Not only that, but it comes in at a paltry 265 grams, and has a nearly three hour run time. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. The handlebar mount is identical to the Race MaXx, so there is little to say here. I like it as well with the Enduro MaXx as I did with the Race. It's well made and works well. The switch and charger are the same as the Race MaXx and Joystick MaXx as well, so if you buy two or more, you don't need to worry about grabbing the right charger, any one of them will do...The switch, like on the Race MaXx, is centrally located on the rear of the light, and it is easy to find and use, even with gloved hands…As with the Joystick MaXx and Race MaXx the button doubles as a beam indicator -- high, med. and low -- and a battery indicator. When you press the button it will show the light level for 2 seconds -- green for high, orange for medium and red for low -- then it will switch to show the battery charge. For example, if I have a fresh charge and switch the light to medium brightness, the switch will show orange for 2 seconds, and then will be steady green. It's a pretty good system and is easy to understand quickly…considering that Exposure Lights was able to cram this much light into a package this small, and still retain the run time is very impressive. That they did it for the price they are asking is even more amazing.”

Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) magazine – on the Enduro MaXx Oct ’07
“simple cable-less design on the Enduro MaXx is fantastic, as is the sublime bar mount….output is great with easily enough light output to rip up the trails at almost daylight speeds…there’s nothing to do but give it full marks. MBR score 10/10

What Mountain Bike (WMB) magazine – on the Race MaXx
“a beam that’s sufficiently powerful, with even tone and excellent breadth, that your vision towards the margins of the trail isn’t compromised… easy one-handed operation… the integral battery means there are no connections to come loose or cables to lose/leave at home…want to go all race-ready and lightweight this year, so in that case it should be the Exposure Race MaXx.” WMB Score 9 (Second only to Joystick MaXx in same test)

220 Triathlon magazine – on the Joystick MaXx Oct ’07
“This fabulous new LED is light, tiny, cable-free andlives in a simple press-in/pull-out bracket...fires out clear bright central beam…giving enough depth for confidence and decent breadth too. ...great beam with excellent duration at a reasonable price – plus it’s totally cable free. The fact that you can use it running too doubles it’s value, making it our clear winner overall." 220 score 9 - overall Group Lights Test Winner

Mountain Biking UK (MBUK) magazine – on the Joystick MaXx Oct ’07
“The best helmet light we tested by a long way….. the beam has good reach with well-graduated fade to the outside of a very broad beam that gives excellent peripheral vision….there’s something liberating about grabbing a single compact unit and hitting the trail. A compact light with outstanding performance and versatility” MBUK score 9 - overall Group Lights Test Winner

What Mountain Bike (WMB) magazine – on the Joystick MaXx Oct ’07
“a lightweight minimal torch style that’s easy to use either on your bars or on your helmet, clicking it in or out of it’s mount in a second….just grab one small light at go makes you feel alarmingly smug and prepared. The beam is incredibly powerful for one LED. Outstanding performance, price and versatility. The overall winner. We could even stick our necks out an say if can only get one light, get the Joystick.” WMB Score 9 - overall Group Lights Test Winner

Singletrack magazine – on the Enduro MaXx and Joystick MaXx Issue 38
Tester: Matt Letch during the MaXx Exposure South Downs 80 mile night enduro…
“During the event I used the Enduro MaXx on the 10-hour setting and the Joystick with Piggyback battery. They were fantastic. Bright clear light and no cables all over the bars and the frame, and whilst I did have a connector attached to the Joystick, compared to the normal weight HID light with associated ballast, I didn’t notice it at all… of the lightest neatest and brightest combinations out there. We don’t do points but if I did I’d give them 9/10 highly highly recommended.” – on the Enduro MaXx and Joystick MaXx Oct ’07
Tester: David Arthur during the MaXx Exposure South Downs 80mile night enduro…
“Exceptional design, the absence of cables and the latest LED technology make the Exposure lights a firm bikemagic favourite.”

JP @ Quest Adventure after Dusk till Dawn
"Excellent event and ride. The lights were awesome, I can't see why anyone would want anything else. Rode on "Ride" the whole way and they were the brightest and best lights that I have used"

Jen Hopkins - Top UK Female Endurance Racer after this years Dusk Till Dawn
"The Enduro helped immensely when it got foggy... the Joystick lit up the singletrack and helped me work out whether or not the exits from the bombholes were clear”


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