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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there differences in light outputs between rechargeable and disposable batteries in the Flash and Flare lights?
In the Flare the output is not noticeable. In the Flash the light output is greater with a rechargeable battery.
The output will be double with a rechargeable battery as they run at a higher voltage than the disposable with is better for the XPG LED. CR123A battery chargers and batteries can be bought from any of our dealers.

What modes do the Flash and Flare lights have?
Both Flash and Flare lights have constant or flashing modes. The mode can be selected by quickly turning the light off and back on again.

What size seat post does the Flare silicon band fit?
The Silicon band will stretch from a 25.0 to a 34.9 hopefully covering the range that is commonly needed.

My CR123A chargers light turns off is this OK?
Yes this is the indication that the batteries are charged.

You've told me the lumen output, but what's that in watts?
LEDs are classified in lumens which is the amount of light given out by the LED. Unfortunately it is all a bit subjective and unsatisfactory but we should all try to talk in lumens when relating to LEDs. We measure the Lux output of the lights at given distances as this give a comparable measurement for comparison with other manufacturers. USE only uses the very best and latest technology carefully vetted for quality. The current LEDs used are CREE XPG R5 producing 325 lumens per LED.

I have an Exposure light that I brought 6/12/18 months ago. Will there be an upgrade/trade in program available?
No, Upgrades are generally difficult due to the advancing technology with in the lights, but we can sometimes offer a good rate on a replacement light under warranty/repair conditions.

Why do Exposure Lights use LEDs?
LEDs are very robust, have a long life span, and are exceptionally efficient which makes them particularly suitable for portable battery powered lights. The main reasons for this is due to their 'solid state' - you will often hear LEDs referred to as 'solid state lighting' which effectively means that there are no moving parts, or sensitive filaments such as in halogen or precision electrodes in HID systems. The advantage of 'solid state' means that as a light is bounced around, and turned on and off repeatedly (for example when on a mountain bike), there is no chance of damage to the light source. This means that the LEDs we use are proven to be good for up to 1,000,000 - 100,000 hours of illumination. Compare this to 2,000 - 3,000 hours with a HID system.

What LED's do Exposure Lights use?
The current range of lights (2012 range) use CREE XPG R5 LEDs emitting 325 lumens per LED.

What are the lenses constructed from?
The lenses are essentially made from a tough crystal clear plastic. The lenses we are using have been designed to utilize 'total internal reflection'. This is the only way of transmitting light that has been found to be 100% efficient, much more so than reflectors. The actual material used is known generally as optical plastic, although the specific material that our lens manufacturer uses is a trade secret and produced to the highest tolerances.

What batteries do Exposure Lights use?
All Exposure Lights use market leaders, Sanyo, Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are very versatile and user friendly, as well as being extremely light and compact. The batteries do not have a memory like NiMh which allow the battery to withstand "abusive charging" and are more stable and energy dense than LiPo batteries.

How often can I turn on/off my Exposure Lights?

You can turn your Exposure Lights on/off (and through all the operations functions) as many times as you like without harming the LEDs (or any other part of the system).

Do Exposure Lights have a flashing/strobe feature?
Yes, the flashing mode can be used in many situations and is a key feature to alert people to your whereabouts. There is a low continual light throughout the flash cycle to aid vision and depth perception of others. This is accessed by pressing the button for one second when the light is switched on.

Where are Exposure Lights made?

Exposure Lights are designed and built in the UK by Ultimate Sports Engineering (www.use1.com ).

My RedEye glows when plugged in with the light turned off, is this normal?

Yes this is perfectly normal. It is due to the way the light detects accessories through the Smart Port. The voltage current drawn is extremely low so it won't affect burn times unless left plugged in for days.

Where can I buy Exposure Lights?

All Exposure Lights can be purchased from your local dealer a list of which is available through the dealer tab.

Do you sell direct to the public?

Exposure Lights do not sell direct to the public. We deal in the UK through dealers. We have a factory outlet where we support the dealers with select items. Follow this link to visit the shop Factory Outlet

What should I do if I experience a problem with my Exposure Light?

In the unlikely event that you have a problem with an Exposure Lights product, please follow the procedure below -

Step 1 – Check ourFAQs page and technical page of the product in question – there might be an immediate answer available to you.

Step 2 – if the problem can’t be resolved please telephone or email Exposure Lights to discuss the issue and decide on what options are available.

Step 3 – if necessary we will issue you a returns number which must accompany your product.

Telephone: 1-800-575-4873

Email:         info@exposurelightsusa.com 

If you need to return a light to us we recommend it is sent using recorded post (or similar method) and that the item/s are packaged correctly including accessories so all items can be tested. It is the senders responsibility to ensure the item arrives with us.

Other than the Joystick, are your other lights helmet mounted?
The Joystick, Spark and Diablo are all helmet mounted models of light, they can equally be used mounted on the handlebars too.
Can Exposure Lights confuse my wireless cycle computer?
In rare cases it can. There can be some localized interference to other transmitted signals such at wireless cycle computers and heart rate monitors. The interference will be greater on the higher light settings. Our suggestion is to move the light and computer as far apart as possible. The Exposure Lights' aluminum body does a good job at shielding most of the "pulsing" from the light but if the computer is very close it can affect the readings.

Is it OK to spray my light with WD40 to protect it?
No it is not suggested. To clean the light simply use a toothbrush and water chemicals could possible react with the seals or lenses although this is unlikely to happen.

What do I do in the event that my lights' battery fails?
All of our Exposure Lights (except the Spark) have a highly reliable lithium-ion battery hard wired into them. We have used lithium-ion technology from the beginning, and they have proved very successful. In the extremely unlikely event that you suffer a failure, the light is covered under a 2 year warranty, where the battery will be replaced F.O.C. Under no circumstances must you attempt to fix the light yourself - any attempt to will immediately void your warranty. After the 2 year warranty the battery can be replaced by USE but there will be a charge involved.

Can the lights be used in extremely cold temperatures?
Yes, in fact the LEDs will burn brighter, the battery is the main component to be protective of and this has been tested at up to -20oC and works absolutely fine although the lights are likely to have a lower burn time in temperatures around and below 0oC




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